Experienced Team

We have an enthusiastic and friendly team that are highly experienced and trained in Early Years. Our staff have an in depth understanding of the stages of development and how to stimulate and challenge every child according to their individual needs, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Children's Needs

Children learn at their own pace and in different ways, and have a lot to learn about when it comes to dealing with their emotions. Explaining to children about how they are feeling is very important, as is guiding them on how to react to certain emotions. By establishing clear boundaries and rules according to their level of understanding, children begin to become aware of what is expected of them through the use of routines. Our aim throughout pre-school is to encourage and support children to become strong, confident and independent individuals ready for school life.

Sensitivity & Support

Our staff are sensitive and know how to respond to individual needs arising from children’s situations, cultural and family background, and developmental stage of learning. They are skilled at using different approaches to establish what works best for each child. Staff are aware of the frequent changes in moods, interests and capabilities your child can go through within a day. We provide calm, consistent care and support to help them through these. 
Each child is assigned a staff member as their Key Person from their first settling in day, providing a strong positive relationship at the nursery for the child to help them feel reassured, safe and cared for. 
With lots of care and attention from their Key Person, they create a bond which enables them to feel safe and secure allowing them to fully explore and benefit from their surroundings.